Occupational Healthcare Services

Occupational health & wellbeing

Keep your employees healthy and safe, manage possible risks and comply with legislation with bespoke workplace health checks, medical screenings, assessments and vaccinations.

Occupational health checks & services for new starters, night workers, high risk roles, disability, frequently absent employees and the general working population.

There are 1.4 million workers suffering from ill health caused by occupational tasks in the UK - Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Pre-employment & employee medical checks and management referrals

Response OH employee healthcare services to promote a healthy working culture, through the management of compliance and risk using highly rated workplace medical testing, monitoring and work-related guidance. Our medical screening checks and assessments can be used to determine an employee’s work fitness and ability to carry out the duties required of them in their role.

We can also help to encourage a healthier workforce with vaccinations and drug & alcohol testing. This will save your business from potential work incidents that could lead to compensation claims, fines and reputation damage.

Services within Occupational Healthcare

Assessments & Medical Screening

Physical and mental health assessments, risk assessments, medical screenings and tests for UK businesses, tailored to your individual requirements and business needs.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

We deliver reliable drug and alcohol testing services to help UK employers identify, deter and manage misuse in the workplace.

Health Surveillance

Monitor and maintain the health and safety of your workforce with early detection of specific health risks within their work.

Sickness Absence Management

Reduce employee absence and presenteeism in the workplace with early assessments and work focused reporting to identify and tackle any barriers for a return to work.


Keep your employees healthy, minimise absence and save costs with convenient workplace flu vaccinations for employees

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What is occupational health?

Occupational health is a specialist branch of healthcare that focuses on supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace. The goal of occupational health is to develop and maintain the highest level of physical, mental, and social wellbeing for workers across all occupations.

Why is occupational health important?

Occupational health is crucial to both the safety of your employees and your business’ compliance. As an employer, you have a responsibility by law to ensure that staff are safe at work. Without proper occupational health screening, health surveillance, risk assessments, sickness management and mental health support, your employees can be exposed to ill health that can result in serious consequences such as litigation & heavy fines.

What does occupational health support involve?

  1. Encouraging safe working practices to meet Health & Safety regulations and to avoid work-related health problems
  2. Monitoring the health of the workforce
  3. Supporting the management of sickness absence, including helping to manage health issues on the return to work after absence
  4. Supporting health promotion and education programmes
  5. Providing advice and counselling to employees
  6. Advising on reasonable adjustments to support employee to remain at work

What are the business benefits of our occupational health services?

  • Improved productivity and staff efficiency – if there is less illness and injury in the company, there will be less absenteeism meaning that you have a more productive workforce.
  • Fast treatment solutions – Rapid access to Occupational Health specialists allows us to direct your employee to the appropriate medical professional, for example physiotherapy, as quickly as possible, enabling them to start treatment, recover and return to work quickly.
  • Improved staff morale – by prioritising staff health, employees will feel more cared for and supported. Not only that, but if you are protecting them from stress and psychological hazards, your staff will be happier and subsequently more focused and committed.
  • Reduced staff turnover – if you are putting your employee health first, your staff will have more loyalty to the company and be less likely to be looking for other jobs.

How do I know which occupational health services my business needs?

The occupational health services you require will depend on factors such as your type of business or industry and what is involved within each role. If you are not sure, speak to our friendly healthcare specialists who will be able to advise you on the services you may need.

What our customers say

The service provided has helped our staff in a number of ways including providing ergonomic assessments, health and wellbeing days, rehabilitation and return to work planning. Feedback from employees is always very complimentary about the support they have provided

Simon Thomas HR Manager, Bridon

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