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Improve the mental wellbeing and performance of your employees with psychological support from our mental health and wellbeing therapists.

From the challenges of modern ways of working to rising issues with personal and economic circumstances, and burnout – your health and wellbeing strategy and approach is more important than ever before.

For every £1 spent by employers on mental health interventions, some employers have reported as high as £34 ROI in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover (2022)

Mental health support for businesses

There is increasing evidence that business success, absenteeism, morale and productivity are all linked to the physical and mental health of employees. Every year in the UK, businesses lose significant profits to the struggles of mental health issues, not only from workplace stressors but more frequently with personal issues, including relationships, financial situations, health and bereavement. 15.4 million working days are lost each year as a result of stress, anxiety or depression estimated to cost £5.2 billion to UK companies.

It has been proven that employers who offer wellbeing programs to support employees’ mental health see substantial positive results for individual performance.

Our mental health therapists offer workplace mental health solutions through a range of programmes and activities with a holistic approach, covering lifestyle choices, nutrition and wellness, stress management, counselling, return to work support, staff coaching and life skills training.

How our occupational mental health service works

Our mental health support packages provide a comprehensive and in-depth assessment of employees, allowing us to design and tailor a bespoke psychological support care plan for every individual. During our confidential mental health assessments, we discuss the subject’s mental state, health situation and work-life as well as personal life situations.

As part of our bespoke service, we can provide:

  • Each employee is offered a general mental health assessment to gauge the level of distress and inform strategies going forward.
  • 1 to 1 counselling support for individuals either via phone, in person or via teams or zoom, making it easy and convenient for staff to access.
  • 1 to 1 workplace coaching to support staff and line managers in areas such as employee support, time management, goal setting, career advancement etc.
  • Support for staff requiring return to work support, with individualised packages to ensure a supportive and helpful transition back into the workplace.
  • Coaching for management teams on writing of HSE workplace policies including stress management, health and safety and mental health.
  • Advice for modifying occupational responsibilities and/or the work environment to better support employees struggling with the current occupational engagement.
  • Individualised training packages from one hour ‘lunch and learns’ to afternoon or full day sessions on topics such as managing workplace stress and anxiety, how to have difficult conversations in the workplace, and dealing with grief and loss, financial struggles, relationship issues, and COVID related issues.
  • Working with business managers to better understand mental health and their role in making the company culture a more positive and encouraging environment to work in.

Why is it important to support mental wellbeing in the workplace?

  • Legal obligation and ‘duty of care' to support employees’ health, safety & wellbeing
  • Improves attendance, staff performance and productivity
  • Improves employee commitment to work
  • Decreases workplace accident rates
  • Improves customer satisfaction and organisational reputation
  • Decreases risk of potential litigation
  • Supporting employees is morally and ethically the right thing to do
  • Improves morale and creates positive company culture

UK network of Occupational Health clinicians

Single & multi-site operations catered for

Tangible return on investment

Tailored packages to suit all budgets

Tailored services for your business & its employees

Response provides an extensive range of business support services that can help in identifying and treating mental health issues, including stress​​, anxiety, depression, work issues, low self-esteem, confidence, bereavement, financial stress, relationship problems and PTSD.

​All of our therapists are experienced, BACP accredited industry experts that ensure the delivery of our mental health services are safe, confidential and professional.

‘Right Clinician, First Time’

Virtual / Telephone

Remote mental health counselling and support are delivered by an experienced, BACP accredited mental health therapist at a time that suits the employee.

Our 1 on 1 remote counselling allows individuals to open up about their worries and concerns with a friendly professional, in a comfortable and private setting. They can talk with the clinician over the phone, or via their chosen form of video call such as Teams or Zoom.


If you would like us to visit your workforce at your business premises, we can arrange to deliver face-to-face clinics onsite at your location. This allows you and your employees to have rapid access to training, private mental health assessments and treatments to begin the journey to wellness.

Onsite meetings need to be held in a private, soundproof room away from management and other employees.


Our occupational health workers can deliver high quality training for a range of mental health situations. These training sessions will not only improve satisfaction & business culture, but will help you comply with employment laws and reduce your risk of litigation.

From mental health coaching for management staff and writing HSE policies to topic specific employee support sessions, our training can be specifically tailored to your company’s needs.


Each member of staff who attends one-to-one counselling with one of our friendly therapists will receive validated assessments to determine and track their levels of mental wellbeing, particularly in relation to stress, depression and/or anxiety.

With help from Response, our customers have reported an 85% improvement score after just six sessions of support for staff members. Employees report feeling better after learning specific tools to use in difficult situations.

Who is suitable for a Mental Health & Wellbeing Programme?

Any worker is suitable for a mental health and wellbeing programme. Employees who may require mental health support more readily than others are individuals with high absence rates, those on sick leave, or staff who are present at work but having difficulties performing job tasks or remaining focused. Mental health monitoring is also beneficial for individuals working in roles which are more exposed to difficult or emotional situations.

Our assessments will help to identify:

  1. Employees who may need extra support.
  2. Reasons why productivity and performance are decreased or unsatisfactory.
  3. What to do to help the employee improve their productivity.
  4. How to make suitable adaptations to business operations and/or work environments.
  5. Which job tasks or roles they can perform.
  6. Support on how to accommodate employees with reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010.

What our customers say

My therapist has given me invaluable tools which help me manage my issues, which I will use for the rest of my life. I felt no judgement and could be completely open with them. I’m incredibly grateful for them.’ I only wish I could have more sessions!


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